Whittier College’s Poets L.E.A.D. (Leadership Education and Development) Certification Program cultivates a student’s ability to facilitate positive, responsible change on campus and within the community.

Coordinated by the Offices of Leadership Experience and Programs (LEAP) and Residential Life, Whittier College’s Leadership Education and Development Certification Program (Poets L.E.A.D) is based on the College’s Liberal Arts “4 Cs” curriculum:

• Community
• Connections
• Cultural Perspectives
• Communication

The program strives to cultivate a student’s ability to facilitate collaborative and relational processes that lead to positive, responsible change on campus and within the community.

Leadership is a process, not a position

Leadership is much more than attaining a position of power or authority.

In simplest terms, to “lead” is to show the way—which in practice requires a wide variety of skills and competencies. Over the past several decades, researchers have worked to debunk the myth that leadership is only reserved for a few charismatic men and women.

Rather, leadership is everyone’s business.

The Poets L.E.A.D. program helps Whittier College students channel their inner leader and realize that we all have a role to play—whether big or small—in solving the difficult problems of our world and showing the way for the generations to come.

Poets L.E.A.D. Goals and Objectives

  • Prepare students for leadership in a global world;
  • Engage students’ creativity while strengthening  their research abilities and critical thinking, organization, and project-management skills;
  • Utilize learning opportunities to improve knowledge acquisition through leadership experiences and tangible projects;
  • Create measurable impacts and outcomes from co-curricular involvement;
  • Offer students the opportunity to develop a meaningful portfolio of completed work that demonstrates acquired leadership skills through  a college-recognized program; and
  • Help students develop and practice core leadership competencies that encompass: